1970Hoechst Portugal acquires the Polyamide Monofilament manufacturing department from Hoechst in Germany, which is then installed in its new facilities in Mem-Martins near Lisbon.
1998Filkemp• is born from the reorganization of the Hoechst group as a successful business. Its expertise and know-how are assured by the former Manager of the Hoechst company in Portugal (who is still CEO of Filkemp•) and the sales and manufacturing directors.
2001The company increases its manufacturing capacity by 50% and starts manufacturing PET Monofilament for conveyor belts and filters.
2003Filkemp• starts manufacturing other PET products, namely monofilaments for paper machine clothing.
2005Starts the condensation process of petro-chemical products.
2007Filkemp• enters the Asian market.
2008In just 10 years Filkemp• was able to triple its sales volume and double the number of officials/employees. Quality, Innovation and Service stood out during this decade, as evidenced by the 6 million euro equity investment.
2011Starts the production of abrasive bristles for the metal and marble industry.