Filkemp started in 1998 as a spin-off from the monofilaments department set up in the 70s by a subsidiary of the multinational Hoechst AG, in its day a world leader in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Currently Filkemp holds a global leading position in the production of PET, PA6, PA610, PA612 and various combinations of special polymers and copolymers, which act as a base in the production of technical polymers for the paper industry, conveyor belts or industrial filtration, abrasive brushes, recreational and commercial fishing, tennis racket strings, mooring lines, agriculture and, most recently, filaments for 3D printing. Competitiveness and excellence of products combined with the flexible service are key to the close and long-lasting relationship that Filkemp has developed with its clients throughout the world.


To offer excellent products targeted to meet the specific needs of the clients, with a flexible service and at competitive prices, whilst guaranteeing value creation and sustainability for Filkemp and its clients´ businesses in the long term.

The quality of the products and service, the satisfaction of the client and competitive prices are critical factors for Filkemp´s international success.


Innovation is Filkemp´s core strategy, demonstrated not solely in the development of new products and services, but also in the development of new organisational processes, new ways of responding to our clients´ needs and new ways to compete in the global market.


This is a fundamental concern for Filkemp. Investment has focussed mainly on the critical areas of Health and Safety and reducing the ecological footprint with a reduction in non-reincorporated waste and investment in energy efficiency. In 2017 Filkemp was recognised by the official bodies with a special mention for its efforts in improving energy efficiency. However, it should be said that the commitment to environmental sustainability has only just begun. Until 2020 new investment is planned which will allow for improvements in the current levels of energy and environmental efficiency.


Filkemp is a people company. The management team emphasises the importance of team working and recognises that people are the backbone that enables Filkemp to achieve its innovation, production and sustainability objectives.



Filkemp is a company with production in Portugal and a global presence. The strategic and competitive location, 18 kms (11 miles) from the port of Lisbon, which has connections to the key international maritime routes and is at the entrance to Europe, is an important factor in its global recognition.

Filkemp is present in over 40 countries with more prominence, naturally in Europe representing 55% of the business; Asia has a slice of 25% and the Americas the balance of 20%.