Some of the oldest products in Filkemp’s history are the thick diameter polyamide lines. Manufactured using know-how acquired over many years, which guarantees unbeatable uniformity of the products and a reduced ovality, makes them market reference products.

These lines are used mainly in commercial fishing (main line), in the automatic long lining system and in the more artisanal manual long line system (“palangre”).

Examples of alternative applications are mooring cables, agricultural filaments and strengthening filaments for acrylic acoustic barrier panels.


The automatic long lining is used for surface fishing of sword fish and tuna in 3,5,25 and 30 nautical miles reels, (F562 main line). The load and stress on this line of 3.00 mm and 4.00 mm, when reeled back to the winch, requires enormous resistance to rupture, but also to distortion and stretching. Our factory was a pioneer in the development of long lining in the USA, where this system first appeared, and later in Europe. Filkemp also developed hook lines (F593) with higher resistance to breaking, whilst maintaining excellent flexibility and elasticity.


In traditional long lining, used in deep sea and shore fishing, the main line (1.40 – 3.00 mm) is carefully coiled in baskets of 500 metres of line. It is vital that the line is well bedded without any kinks or memory before and after use. The current F563 reached the high-performance level it now displays thru continuous perfection, and close cooperation with experienced Galician fishermen.The hook lines F543 and F522 (0.60 -1.10 mm) need to combine stability and elasticity, for multiple uses. In this area, Filkemp has invested in the continuous improvement of the various polymer combinations to optimise the fisheries’ performance.


The mooring cables for large fishing vessels are produced by braiding multiple high viscosity and resistant monofilaments with those known as super-fibres. The result is a very strong cable, of varying dimensions depending on the final application. Our F580 line is one of the oldest and most stable products in the market, and offers superior resistance with enough elasticity and long-lasting usage without breaking. Filkemp can supply this product in traditional hanks or on wooden reels of 10-20NM. The hanks are also used for other purposes, particularly for outdoor applications with anti-UV protection; nylon guide cables in agriculture, animal fences and acrylic acoustic panels.

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