Filkemp is one of the major European producers of sea and freshwater recreational fishing lines. Our lines have ensured their users have beaten various sea fishing records homologated by the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) be it for deep or surface water fishing. In 2013 our line won the Bassmaster Classics, the principal world fishing tournament in fresh water bass (Cliff Pace) and, in 2015 we did it again with Casey Ashley.

The experience gained in Recreational Fishing lines since the 1950s allows us to have a wide range on offer, which starts with the normal standard line PA6 and copolymer, and allows for other specialities including lines highly resistant to abrasion, low stretch, high visibility, multipolymer, low memory and specific surf casting.

Making use of the experience in the production of recreational and industrial filaments, in 2015 Filkemp launched a Tennis Strings range, with many different levels of softness and in various formats for different levels of impact and “spinning”. This range is aimed at both the beginner’s market as well as the more demanding professional market.


The ranges for sea and freshwater fishing lines depend essentially on a combination of diameters, elasticity and colours. Filkemp’s fishing lines possess the necessary technical characteristics to be used in a wide set of applications, such as a wide array of colours and multicolours, in various formats, lengths and spools, as well as varying levels of elasticity, from “low memory” (very smooth which does not spiral in the reel) to “low stretch” for deep water fishing, where high sensitivity to touch is important. Filkemp has also developed a range of special casting lines (F489), which allow for a 50% longer throw due to the smooth surface and low friction.


Experience with various types of materials and extrusion technologies has enabled entry in the demanding Tennis Strings market. The range of options cover smooth and elastic, long lasting strings for beginners and children, right up to competition level strings, giving high performance in terms of impact and “spinning” resistance. Smooth and elastic or harder with a more directional and stronger hit? Profiled or rough to allow for better “spinning” and ball control and placement? Whatever the technical choices underlying the various levels and categories of tennis, Filkemp has the answer in the different types on offer.