Filkemp is one of the main producers in the world of monofilaments, which are then used in fabrics for paper machines, for industrial filtration and other industrial fabrics.


Over the years Filkemp has become a major player in the paper industry, due to the production of high quality filaments resistant to abrasion and hydrolysis, and which are made into fabrics used in modern high-speed paper machines. These “forming” or “drying” fabrics are highly homogeneous, aerodynamic, uniform and stable, even in the most complex designs and demanding applications.

Over the years, Filkemp has consolidated its reputation in terms of the chemical stability and dimensions of its filaments for dryers, making it a global reference supplier. The company’s portfolio also includes PET filaments for forming in diameters above 0.25mms, which display excellent dimensional warp’s stability.

The quality and durability of Filkemp products allow for a reduction in product waste and machine down time for its clients, all of which have an impact on productivity and profitability.


Filkemp first entered the technical filaments market in 2000 with its industrial filtering filaments and filaments for conveyor belts. This line of products has since then experienced solid and continuous growth, synonymous with its stability and reliability, which makes Filkemp one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of thick diameter filaments for industrial fabrics in Europe.


Legislation in most European countries call for the highest standards in the quality of semi-rigid fire hoses, and therefore also of its embedded monofilaments that need to be strong, stable and rupture resistant. This also applies to the so-called pulling cables for corrugated tubes.